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30 second podcast ad for $10 per episode

60 second podcast ad for $25 per episode

2-3mins podcast ad for $50 per episode 

5 mins podcast ad for $75 per episode


The first event raffle package demo is FREE, then an affordable monthly subscription rate of $24.99/monthly (or) $199.99/yearly for your brand name's product to be placed within our local vendor auction display tables, we raffle off at large events and conferences for all to see! This includes 12 (1-3min) AD Reels to be posted once a month onto ALL of our Social Media Platforms. 

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I’m Cindy, the Founder & Podcast Producer of Local Community Vendors LLC, a Affordable Creative Marketing Services company that supports the growth of many underrepresented small local vendors such as disabled veterans, women-owned, minority-owned, disadvantaged and etc within America by providing a well-rounded online marketing service for local community vendors within your local areas nationwide! We use many marketing tools, such as our our themed vendor brand displays at major conferences to get small businesses out there through our podcasting services and digital media marketing services after your 1st FREE 30 sec Ad Reel! While directing the customers to the vendor’s online platform of choice to buy more products they have enjoyed from the selected vendor!

We’re currently working with multiple vendors, market managers and event planners combined within America to strengthen our local networking communities and help our partnered vendors get noticed by major corporations like yourself locally for catering opportunities, mentorship and brand awareness. "Any level of support will be acknowledged and showcased onto our website, social media and gift baskets with your flyers of course given out at local farmers markets to show how you have given back to the community as a whole! "