" I have helped local community vendors' products with their brand placements at events as raffle ticket giveaway prize to create hype and conferences for greater exposure ! "

Hard Rock Cafe Networking Event Giveaway Door Prizes 

" I wanted to thank you again for the amazing gift baskets. The winners loved them and they were absolutely the best door prizes ! " 

- San Antonio Chambers

San Antonio Christian Networking Event 

June 1st, 2023 

Live Podcast Interviews

Your 1st Podcast 60 second Video AD Reel is free for the first 30 sign ups at this event !

Corn Bread Yoga: Juneteenth Block Party

 June 17th, 2023 

 Host a $1 per Ticket Raffle for our Father's Day Local Vendor Collection 


Box Challenge

Local San Antonio 


apply to by 06/06/23 to cornbreadyoga@gmail.com

Business Women Networking SA: Ladies Leadership Summit

 August 5th, 2023 

Live Podcast Interviews & Host a $1 per Ticket Raffle for our Women Local Vendor Collection 


Box Challenge

Why do local small businesses starting out their business loves us?

We give you 100% Creative Control !

We send you a link via email of your unpublished post to preview for your approval, if your do not like what you see we will re-do it to your liking !

We work on a local case by case bases on marketing consultation on different marketing approaches that best suites your branding needs and budgets and tell you which events we plan to display your products at. 

In general, we are a well-rounded online marketing service for local community vendors within your local areas nationwide! We use many marketing tools, such as our our themed vendor brand displays at major conferences to get small businesses out there through our podcasting services and digital media marketing services after your 1st FREE 60 sec AD has been posted:  

A Sample Clip of My Voice 

Great for promo-codes !

Your AD will be displayed on social media pages & videos for shoppers to download anytime !

We offer the following after trying: 

30 second podcast ad for $10 per episode

60 second podcast ad for $25 per episode

2-3mins podcast ad for $50 per episode 

5 mins podcast ad for $75 per episode


The first event raffle package demo is FREE, then an affordable monthly subscription rate of $24.99/monthly (or) $199.99/yearly for your brand name's product to be placed within our local vendor auction display tables, we raffle off at large events and conferences for all to see! This includes 12 (1-3min) AD Reels to be posted once a month onto ALL of our Social Media Platforms. 

Vendor Brand Display Newsletters

Finally, we place a newsletter folded within each baskets listing all of the local vendors represented, so you can find more of their products online,

Whenever you plan to buy more of the selected items of choice directly from them!

Bringing MicroVendors directly to you within each podcast episode and local in-person events!

Local Community Vendors LLC podcasting and local hands-on marketing tactics can elevate your local small business partnerships ecosystem and by purchasing your own customized vendor brand placements and Ad space placements for local viewers within the Central Texas and nationwide to see !

We would love to ask you to pre-order one of our Brand Display Event Placement Spots TODAY made by only local small vendors within your city and show your employees how much you care for their communities! We challenge others to follow you and shop local, e-mail us to come to your event !

Do you have anymore questions?