Our Story

The Local Community Vendors Experience

We were founded in 2022 from San Antonio, Texas and our mission is to help out many local vendors within America by posting their community events by providing a well-rounded online marketing service for local community vendors within your local areas nationwide! 

We use many marketing tools, such as our our themed vendor brand displays at major conferences to get small businesses out there through our podcasting services and digital media marketing services after your 1st FREE 30 sec Ad Reel! While directing the customers to the vendor’s online platform of choice to buy more products they have enjoyed from the selected vendor!

During my childhood, I used to attend food drives, flea markets and local farmer's markets in town with my mother. She was a vendor at many markets in town. I would help her sell handmade holiday gifts and various seasonal decorations to locals that would walk by our booth. 

I enjoyed everything! My favorite part was talking to all vendors with my mother about their American dreams. I am the first within my family to be born within the United States and my dream is to help other's dreams grow in any way possible. My mother depended on her market profits back in the day, in order to make ends meet. Unfortunately, we had to close up shop due to the slow flow of local traffic and primarily depending on word of mouth for our marketing efforts. 

From that fruitful experience, I learned that several factors go into sustaining a business such as implementing multi-marketing tactics, monitoring budgets, continuously improving user experiences, and more. More importantly, I realized there is no market without a constant flow of local customers supporting small vendors. That experience planted a seed that now has blossomed in this exciting journey to help other local vendors and small businesses blossom even more in their towns and beyond.