Our story

The Local Community Vendors Experience

We're on a mission to support local vendors across America by promoting their community events through comprehensive online marketing services.

Founded 2022 | San Antonio, TX. 

Welcome! My name is Cindy, the Founder & Podcast Producer of Local Community Vendors LLC.

An Affordable Creative Marketing Services company supporting the growth of underrepresented small local vendors across America. We offer comprehensive online marketing services and use diverse tools like themed vendor displays at major conferences, podcasting, and digital media marketing, starting with a FREE 30-second Ad Reel!

We collaborate with vendors, market managers, and event planners nationwide to enhance local networking and visibility. Partner with us to support local communities, gain exposure through our website, social media, and local market flyers. Explore the opportunities for catering, mentorship, and brand awareness! 

Our All Women Power-House Team 


Founder & Podcast Producer


CMO & Copy Writer


COO & Community Outreach 


Lead UX Designer


UX Figma Designer


UX Figma Designer

Any level of support will be acknowledged and showcased onto our website, social media and with your flyers given out at local farmers markets to show how you have given back to the community as a whole!