We are bringing the communities back to their local vendors within our 1 Stop-Shop site

LCV Pitch Deck

Free Listing for Vendors

  • Apart of the onboarding process local small vendors can upload their information into a profile onto our platform for free listing to the public!

  • If the vendor wants to stand out amongst the other hundreds of vendors within the platform they can upgrade their subscription at anytime for specialized services!

Live Calendar Alerts

  • Providing a live calendar update of local vendors' future locations they plan on popping up in within the near future!

  • Users can get notifications of their favorite selected vendors as well!

Search at your Convenience

  • Instead of searching all over the place, we have made it easier for locals to find local vendors within their zip code areas and events!

  • In addition, you can filter through our database of local vendors for products you're interested in!

User Friendly Design

  • We are a General Assembly UX Design Immersive Client Partner, therefore we are being designed by the community as well!

  • We will be on-boarding majority of the local vendors within San Antonio Texas, while selecting partnered vendors to give feedback on the dashboard being created behind the scenes.

  • Our top priority is for anyone on the platform to be alerted that one of their favorite vendors has popped-up for an event or opened up shop at your local farmer's market!